We have seen so many our Care Recipients lose so much of their recovery from the Acute environment to the home due to lack of a good transitional care process.  By the time the medication, supplies and the therapy gets into place after discharge so much of what they have gained in their recovery is lost.  This is just unacceptable to us so we have created our own "Transitional Care Management Service"

Transitional Care Management Services has been the missing link in the continuity of care and is now becoming a standardized service as we start to transition from a "fee for service" to a "value of care" model health care system, building it around the Patient/Care Recipient. 

This service will not only help make for a smooth transition to home but will be a huge part of preventing readmission's that ultimately provides better out comes from the overall quality of care, improving recovery time and reducing costs in the process over all.

How Do I know if I need a Transition Care Manager?

Are you prepared for the transition to home? If you say no to any of the below questions you might want to consider using our Transitional Care Management Services.

Did you say no to any of them?  Well order our three step Transitional Care Management Services. Our Certified Transitional Care Managers follow our three easy steps process making the transition to home easy! Just call 800 687-8066 or go to tcs.TransitionalCareServices.com or download the TCS User app, register and then order your service. Each step is order separately and can be done by different qualified and verified service providers.

Our Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Intake, Planning & Coordinating, the Transitional Care Manager (TCM) comes to you at your bedside and does a comprehensive intake, gathering all the needed information to best plan your transition to home. This includes finding and coordinating all the needed resources, services and supplies that you may need so that everything is in place when you arrive back home.  

Step 2: Home Safety & Aids Assessment, either a TCM or a trained professional comes to your home and does a thorough home safety aids assessment to make sure the home is in good order for your return. We may discover that there may be some modifications or additional equipment that is needed to make the home safe and accessible. After the assessment they will make recommendations, and if you so desire, help coordinate those recommendations for you to make sure your home is ready for you. 

Step 3: 
Bring Home, Educate & Follow up, on the day of discharge the TCM will then come get you and your personal things and bring you home. Upon your arrival the TCM will coordinate those involved in your self-directed care and educate them on your care plan, medications, and your follow up.

As a result the risks are reduced associated with readmission and the quality of care increases. Ultimately preventing the facility from readmission and cost per patient penalties with better patient retention.

If you do order our Transitional Care Services and use one of our Certified Transitional Care Managers and need home care services we will provide the first 4 hours free!

How much does it cost?

Our rate for a Certified Transitional Care Manager currently $75 per hour.  Each step usually can be done in an hour! (Minimum one hour and then charged by the minute thereafter.) 

How do I order Services?

You can either goto tcs.transitionalcareservices.com and register or call us at 800 687-8066

We're all about the Care!