FAQ's about Home Care Services in Canoga Park, CA

  1. What are the Pros and Cons of using an agency vs. hiring direct?
  2. What to expect when you call an AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com® office
  3. What payment plans are available?

What are the pros and cons of using an agency vs. hiring direct?

Agencies such as ours are dedicated to having qualified and thoroughly vetted Caregivers. They are constantly recruiting, testing, and qualifying new Caregivers so they can serve their client's needs at a moment's notice. Moreover, when an agency handles the supervision of the Caregiver, they handle any issues that arise and can replace the Caregiver if there is a problem of any kind.

When you place your own ad in the paper, you have to interview the potential Caregiver, select the right one, trust their background and then hire them. It can take weeks or months to find a suitable Caregiver using this method. Then if the caregiver does not work out, you will need to terminate them and begin the advertising/hiring process all over again. Additionally, if the working relationship between you and the Caregiver is not set up correctly, you could be recognized as the legal employer, which means you would potentially be responsible for tax reporting and workers' compensation insurance.

For additional information regarding the pros and cons, go to our Home Care Agency versus Hiring Direct.

What can you expect when you call an AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com® office?

You will speak to a compassionate, empathetic Care Coordinator who will listen to your needs. You will be asked to answer a variety of questions on our intake evaluation form to give us a clearer understanding of your particular situation. For a better evaluation, it may be necessary to visit the home (free of charge and no obligation). We put all of our policies, procedures and all agreements, in a clear and concise written format. We then start the interviewing process to make sure the Caregiver or Caregivers you choose will not only be able to take care of the needs requested, but also be compatible with the Care Recipient.

What Payment Plans are Available?

We accept most insurances that cover non-medical home care, such as: Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Aids and Attendance Benefits (For qualified Veterans) and regular insurance if it is covered under the policy. Depending on the language of the policy determines if the insurance accepts AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com® as a provider. Ad ditionally payment by the insurance company can take up to 60 days to pay benefits.

We also accept Checks, Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as forms of payments.

Ask your local office for more information.

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