Caregivers Spokane

Choosing a caregiver for your loved one shouldn’t be a stressful venture. At Spokane, our mission is to employ the best Caregivers who excel in providing compassionate personal care to all people in need. We strive to be the golden standard in Care giving, and our experienced employees offer the best home care. 

To help you find a Caregiver who is suited to your specific needs, we make use of the best home care agencies. One of the pros about using a home agency like Spokane (versus hiring direct) is that we are constantly recruiting, testing, and qualifying new Caregivers. Therefore, we hire only the best Caregivers who meet our tough standards. By using this process, we are ensured that our Caregivers will be better able to meet the needs of our clients. We also use personality matchmaking to ensure that our clients will be spending time with only the best caregivers with compatible personalities.

Whatever the age of our client (newborn to geriatric), we look to provide the best non medical home care. Some of our Caregivers’ duties include: meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, transportation around Spokane, grooming, bathing, and other activities of daily living (ADL). Caregivers may also perform other duties such as helping to maintain personal hygiene and reminding clients to take medications.

We accept most insurances that cover non-medical home care, such as: Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Aids and Attendance Benefits (For qualified Veterans) and regular insurance if it is covered under the policy. We also accept Checks, Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as forms of payments.

In order to better serve our communities and provide the best in home health care, we currently have 3 locations. In addition to our location in Spokane, Washington, be sure to check out our other locations in Camarillo and Canoga Park, California. 

We're all about the Care!