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Our stringent requirements for all our caregivers assures that all of our personnel are properly qualified for their positions. This is fundamental to the reliability and quality of the agency, and also ensures a better work environment for all our co-workers, which ensures happier care recipients, which ensures a better life for everyone. (Check with the local franchisee for they may have other State and Local requirements)

Our minimum requirements are:

Further minimum requirements are as follows:

Type Certifications/Licenses Experience TB Test
Babysitter CPR & First Aid certificates 2 Years Yes
Nanny CPR & First Aid certificates 2 Years Yes
Companion CPR & certificates 2 Years Yes
PCA CPR & First Aid certificates 2 Years Yes
CNA CPR, First Aid  & CNA certificates 2 Years Yes
HHA CPR, First Aid & HHA certificates 2 Years Yes

CPR = Adult, Infant, and Child Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation
First Aid = Basic First Aid or Community First Aid for Adults, Infants, and Children
PCA = Personal Care Assistant - Certified
CNA = Certified Nurse Assistant
HHA = Home Health Aide - Certified

The following is not required; however, we encourage bringing them in with you if you have them: Professional References, Letters of Recommendation, and any additional health care related schooling or training that you have completed. The more information available regarding your training and experience the higher your opportunity of being placed on a job.

When you have met all the minimum requirements listed above, please call one of our Care Coordinators to set up an application and interview appointment - we look forward to hearing from you!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use smartphone technology to make the movement of information instant and more efficient. Download and use of the APC App is free to our caregivers and will allow you to instantly send care notes and time sheets, receive instant notifications of job openings, allow you to confirm schedules and provide your care recipient data needed to help you provide the best care you can give. Though not required, it is highly recommended that you have or obtain a smartphone so you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of our APC App system.

If you meet these requirements then go to the next page and read "How to Apply".

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