Reasons Why Seniors Prefer Receiving Care At Home Instead Of A Nursing Home

Medical problems and mobility issues start affecting our lives as we become older. Of course, this does not hold true for every senior adult but the truth is, most seniors start experiencing health problems in their 60s. And when they do, it becomes essential to take care of them because their body is no longer as strong as it was in their youthful years. There are two options available before a senior. One is to move into a nursing home. The other option is to receive care at home. Most seniors prefer to go with the second option. In this blog, we will explain to you why seniors choose to go with home health care in Camarillo. Let’s get started.

Seniors Prefer Receiving Care At Home


One of the chief reasons why seniors prefer home care over a nursing home is, familiarity of home. Home is a space that makes us feel safe and comfortable. For a senior, feeling these two things are of utmost importance. When we become old, our mind resists change. Seniors find it extremely difficult to adapt to a new space. That is why they prefer receiving care in the comfort of their home, which even studies have proved, helps seniors recover quickly and effectively.


Nursing homes are great but the biggest issue that seniors face there is lack of independence. At nursing homes, there are fixed rules and routines that every senior has to follow. There is no room for flexibility there. At home, seniors can do whatever they want without asking anyone for permission. It goes without saying seniors who are mentally stable and physically fit should only be given this type of freedom.

Social Relationships

We need to understand that young people and adults can make use of technology to stay connected with their friends and other acquaintances. We can even form new relationships using technology. However, seniors are from a different time and cannot enjoy the beauty of close relationships over technology. They need to stay close to their homes in order to maintain social relationships. This is the reason why seniors like to receive care at home so that they can stay close to the people they love.

These are some strong reasons why seniors prefer to receive care at home. And the good news is, it is very easy to receive quality, professional care at home. Advantage Plus Caregivers specialize in providing elderly home assistance services in Camarillo. If interested, you can give us a call at 805-322-8822 to know more about our services in detail.




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