Private Caregivers V/S Agency: Pros and Cons

Seeing a loved one struggling through their daily menial chores is hard enough. They aren’t able to cook for themselves, take bath, wear clothes, or in some cases even take medication by themselves. In such situations, families can usually go for two options: they can hire private caregivers for the elderly or go for hiring through an agency. It might look similar but the process and outcome can be very different. This blog will help you decode the process of hiring caregivers.

Pros and Cons of Private & Agency Caregiver Hiring

Agency Hiring


  • An agency performs a thorough and scrutinous caregiver hiring process. They conduct thorough background checks on their personal and professional aspects. They check whether all the mentioned certifications and experience are correct or not.

  • In case you aren’t satisfied with an assigned caregiver’s services, you can always ask for a change and the agency will take care of the entire process.

  • Also, if there are any instances of misconduct or stealing, you can straightaway complaint to the agency. They handle the proceedings and present the case to the higher authorities. If the case is serious enough, the agency may even suspend the caregiver on immoral grounds.

  • Agency hiring brings you peace of mind. You don’t have to have any sole responsibility around hiring and make you free of all the liabilities.


  • Owing to all the comfort and convenience, you will have to spend a little more money than the standard private caregiver hiring rates.

  • Although your entire shift will be covered there’s no promise that you will get the same caregiver every day. In case you like a professional caregiver’s service, you might not have the choice of having him/ her always.

  • Also, since you are not the one responsible for the hiring/ firing, you let go of control in that part.

  • Once the caregiver is changed, you need to familiarize the new one with your routine and schedule. You need to tell them about the meal timings, time of entry/ exit, medicine consumption, and other things.

Private Hiring


  • You have more control in choosing who takes care of your loved one. You get to know them one-on-one prior to giving them the duties/ responsibilities and allowing them to enter your house.

  • Since there’s no middle man, you can directly talk to your caregiver about every requirement and issues.

  • You get more freedom in assigning and withholding tasks. You don’t have to give any formal prior notice to do so.

  • You don’t have to pay any extra cost.


  • The process of hiring independent caregivers can take up a lot of time. Despite the amount of background verification and checks on their skillset and expertise you still might end up missing a few important facts.

  • In case you want to change a caregiver, you will have to go through the process all over again.

  • Just to be on the safer side, people also get additional liability insurance to prevent any damages from theft, or any sort of threat. There have been cases where a caregiver falsely accused a family of assault or sexual harassment.

As you can see, both options have their pros and cons. However, in the end, you must understand that you are giving the responsibility of your loved one to someone and trusted that someone with your loved one’s physical and mental health. Rushed decisions can have a bad impact, therefore, hiring through an agency might be a wise thing to do.




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