Four Things To Consider When Age In Place Gracefully

Aging in place means being in the comfort of the home throughout your life. Studies show more than 90% of older people prefer to stay at home as they age. But many of them don’t realize it takes time to prepare a plan for gracefully aging in place.

You have to put together the things that you already have and will need in the future. Read the list below to find out if there are any missing pieces that you may require to age in place.

Home modifications

To start with the plan, take a close look at your apartment or house. Is it a safe place to go around? Keep in mind that aging takes a toll on physical and mental health. Perform a safety check and limit the risk of a fall or an accident. Your home should have wide hallways and doorways, and bathrooms should have roll-in showers and grab bars. Besides home modifications like non-slip floor surfaces and level-handled doorknobs, consider personal alert systems to call for help in emergencies.


As the plan is to age in place, you have to keep yourself in good shape. It’s crucial because it helps you remain independent for a long time. Follow a heart-healthy lifestyle by including a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Steer clear of stress as it contributes to health conditions such as depression, dementia, arthritis, and heart disease. Meet your primary care provider regularly and have medical coverage to play safe financially.


Perhaps you drive yourself to the grocery store, a friend’s house, or doctor’s appointments. But is that the only option you have? If so, it’s a good decision to look for other options. Seek the availability of public transportation near to you or talk to your friends and family to help you with rides. You can also familiarize yourself with cab and ride-sharing services.

Social engagement

When was the last time you visit a friend? Maybe you are too busy to take some time out for a conversation over a coffee. But you have access to the digital world through smartphones to make video calls and send messages to people living far from your place. Interaction with people is extremely important and valuable in lives, and especially when you are retired. Get acquainted with digital technology, go out to visit people, engage yourself in communities, and enjoy the interactions.

If you realize that your plan has one or two pieces missing and don’t know how to set things right, connect with Advantage Plus Caregivers and ask for caregiver assistance services. We provide excellent in-home care services for the elderly and promote aging in place.




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