Essential Safety Measures To Be Installed In Home With An Alzheimer’s Patient

It is important to keep our home safe; not just for the kids, but in general for everyone at home. Home safety becomes of paramount importance when you have a family member who has Alzheimer’s. Things such as toys or a throw rug on the stairs can lead to serious falls and consequent injuries. That is why it is important to have certain safety measures installed in the house so that an Alzheimer’s patient can move about in the house without any risk of harm. In addition to that, having one of the best senior home care agency to monitor your loved one’s health at home is an indispensable requirement.

Assess Home Safety First

The best way to ensure an Alzheimer’s patient safety at home is by first carefully looking at his/her behavior, abilities, and health. You need to factor in whether your family member can comfortably use the stairs or not. Is your loved one prone to falls? Does he/she roam aimlessly at night?

The next thing you need to focus on are the rooms. Look for any sort of potential perils in a room and write down the changes you’d like to bring about. Often people fruitlessly force their loved ones to change their behavior instead of changing the environment in which they live. Keep in mind that as the condition progresses, an Alzheimer’s patient’s abilities also get altered. So make sure you reevaluate their abilities periodically.

Changes In The Bathroom

Not just people with Alzheimer’s, but people who are just old experience the most danger in the bathroom due to its slippery surface. Below are some safety tips for the bathroom.

  • Add grab bars and a shower chair in the bathroom. Make sure you have the grab bars installed close to the toilet and the bathtub; have one placed in the shower as well
  • Since the floor is slippery, add nonskid mat in the shower and bathtub
  • You can also add faucet cover in the bathtub to reduce the chances of serious injures due to falls
  • Another crucial thing to do is to remove the door locks of the bathroom. Often Alzheimer’s patients accidentally lock themselves in

Changes In The Kitchen

  • To stop your loved one from turning the stove on and off, install safety knobs on the stove
  • You can prevent his/her access to dangerous utensils and products such as cleaning products, alcohol, matches, scissors, plastic bags by placing childproof latches on drawers and cabinets containing these items

  • Changes In The Bedroom

  • An Alzheimer’s patient might need assistance in the middle of the night. To be aware of their needs, you can place a baby monitor in the room
  • Do not make the mistake of using portable heaters in your loved one’s room

  • You can have a qualified professional come to your house and look for other changes that might be needed. He/she will be able to assess the condition of your loved one and suggest changes accordingly. As for having a professional take care of your loved one’s health at home, you can use our senior personal care services to make sure your loved one stays away from any sort of danger and maintains perfect heath.




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