Assisted Living Vs. Home Care in Camarillo: Which One to Choose

As we enter old age, we begin to realize that it is about time to get some assistance to live comfortably and independently. Medical conditions, degrading mental health, limited mobility, and many other reasons lead us to decide where we will be living to avoid giving up our freedom and independence. Generally, the decision comes down to staying at home with the help of home health care or moving to an assisted living facility in Canoga Park, CA. Although the decision should be intensely personal, the family should get involved and consider various factors to ensure the maximum level of safety and independence of the individual.

What is Home Care in Camarillo?

Generally speaking, home care means getting senior care in the comfort of home. It involves assistance with daily living activities, such as meal preparation, bathing, walking, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and many other activities. Families hire a caregiver who comes to the home several hours a day or a few times a week and helps the senior age comfortably and independently at home. For seniors who want to age at home with their loved ones, it is the path to go down.

What is Assisted Living in Canoga Park, CA?

Assisted living is quite similar to home care care in the sense that it covers all the activities of daily living. However, it requires seniors to move to a new place, called assisted-living facilities, away from home and family. These facilities can be like dormitories or private residences that house a trained and experienced staff to care for seniors and other individuals with limited mobility. For seniors who want to meet like-minded seniors, assisted living is the choice.

Which one to choose?

Both home care in Camarillo and assisted living share the same goal: helping seniors and those with limited mobility lead the best possible quality of life. However, a major difference is the place of residence. With home care, you get to live with your family, whereas assisted living requires you to move to a care facility. Assisted living facilities may be safe for you, as they are designed to provide the elderly with the best possible environment. On the other hand, home care enables you to live in a family setting you call home.

So, your decision to choose between the two comes down to your needs, situation, and financial resources available.

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