5 Tips for Hiring a Caregiver for At-home Elder Care

Caregiving in America is constantly becoming an essential need among elders, and the count is huge! As per an AARP report, an estimated 53 million adults were caring for people with special needs in 2020. This number was 43.5 million in 2015 which increased by 8.5 million in just five years. This further emphasizes on the need for more private caregivers for elderly care.

Most elders who need someone’s assistance with their daily activities rely on their family members for care. This trend is rapidly changing, as people find it difficult to manage work and elder care altogether, so they reach out to private caregivers for caring their elders at home. However, hiring one for the first time can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips for hiring caregivers:

Assess your needs

The first step is to evaluate your at-home care needs by identifying the needed health care, personal care, and household care. Some seniors may require physical therapies, some may need assistance with activities like bathing and toileting, and some may need it both.

Create a clear job description

Once you’re done with assessing your care needs, it is time to create a job description that mentions everything clearly. It should be easy to understand so anyone interested can apply as soon as you post it. This will also help you understand how many hours of care you need and how much you should pay for it.

Be fair about the pay

Before deciding how much you’re willing to pay, you should walk through the going rate in your location as that will increase the chances of receiving quality care. In your effort to make it affordable, you should not make it rigid. If you’re hiring independent caregivers, you should be flexible with the pay. For agencies, you’re anyway going to pay a fixed amount.

Interview properly

Interviewing your potential caregiver will not help you with all the relevant information on the first call. You should keep your questions ready and ask as many as you can. In addition, you should conduct one more round of in-person interview for the shortlisted candidates with the elder person, to observe whether they get along well before reaching a decision.

Check their references

This is another important part of the process that you should not ignore even if the interview goes great. You should take time to call all the references and check whether their previous clients were satisfied with their caregiving service. You should also do background checks to ensure they have no criminal records, to protect your loved one against any possible abuse.

The bottom line

Most elders prefer to live at home. That’s only possible if they have someone to take care of all their needs. Private caregivers for elderly care make a perfect fit for such situations. They know how to ensure the best comfort for your loved one(s) with special needs. In case you’re going to do it for the first time, the above tips will help you with the process.

If you’re looking for at-home caregiving for elders, reach out to us today.


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