3 Traits to Look for in a Non-Medical Caregiver When Aging in Place

Many older adults like the idea of aging in place to enjoy the comfort of their homes and live a quality life. However, to have a comfortable time living at home without comprising independence, some form of help is required. For most, a non-medical caregiver is of great help as they provide seniors with the right care and ensure that their personal needs are met in the best manner possible.

To help you or your elderly family member receive the much-needed care at home, we have pulled together a list of few qualities you should look for in the right in-home care provider:


No caregiver can ever provide quality care without patience. They need to understand that changes in a plan can arise anytime or things may not go as planned. In every situation, a caregiver has to remain calm and listen carefully to what care recipient has to say to ensure that their needs are well taken care of.


There have been many cases in the US where caregivers mistreat the elders at home when family members were away. They abuse them or don’t pay any attention to their needs and in rare cases, they beat them. This is why you should look for a compassionate caregiver who cares for your loved one like you do. Compassion is what leads to a better relationship between a caregiver and the person receiving care.


Caregivers often have access to your or your loved one’s belongings when providing care. The last thing you would want is the breaching of trust and loss of property when aging in place. You need someone you can trust and rely on at all times. Trustworthiness is a crucial quality that the right in-home care provider must possess.

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